If you are a working professional, mature student or overwhelmed and busy executive who is attending an institution to acquire an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degree, The Graduate Guru knows that you’ll need some support.

Having access to a pool of academic resources, including educators, The Graduate Guru can give you the assistance you need to prepare your submissions with peace of mind.

Get in touch. Share your dreams and goals. Share your concerns. Let The Graduate Guru be your partner in success. We will write your story together… Literally!

Truly Yours in Success,
The Graduate Guru

So, what’s the first step?

Take advantage of the opportunity to book a free 15-minute Discovery Session. Click here to schedule a date and time for us to chat.

These are some of the things we can talk about:

  • personal academic challenges
  • direction with projects
  • guidance for your research paper
  • reviews of your written academic assignments
  • or, you can state what you need help with and we’ll address it in the call.

The creation of The Graduate Guru is quite an interesting, but humbling, story. Alette Liz Williams, founder of The Graduate Guru, began helping her working friends throughout their academic journey since ever since she was a teenager. Being the “go to” for all things academic and research-based, she was regarded as the confidential source for academic support.

A few years later, in 2009, she began her career in sales while pursuing higher studies. It was then that an executive member of the company she worked for expressed frustration with meeting the requirements to submit sound assignments and projects for a Masters programme. She had not been to “school” in many years and was out of touch with academic writing and citation styles, research and formatting. Alette gladly offered assistance to her colleague, devoting her weekends to seeing her colleague succeed at every assignment, and eventually cross the graduation stage.

Before completing her Associate’s Degree in Journalism and Public Relations, she had helped three professionals attain their Master’s Degrees. Before completing her BA in Mass Communications, she assisted six professionals with their Master’s Degrees and PhDs. Before completing her International Masters in Business Development and Innovation, had offered support to professional students within the Caribbean and internationally.

In 2020, realising that her network transcended the borders of Trinidad and Tobago, she changed the name of her educational support service from My Academic Aid to The Graduate Guru.

A multifaceted and talented professional, who has worked extensively with NGOs and been heavily involved in the creative and performing arts sectors, Alette is also a Public Relations Consultant, Digital Strategist, host, social media manager, mentor and motivational speaker.

The goal of The Graduate Guru is to support every working professional who has decided to upskill and enhance their academic portfolio, with unwavering commitment.

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