Warning: This is a think piece. It is completely opinionated. It will also be short.

How many challenges to our mental and social peace, will 2020 continue to unleash? It feels never-ending, doesn’t it? Australian fires, locusts in Africa, shocking celebrity deaths, Covid-19, a suspicious outbreak (again) of Ebola in Africa, and now #blacklivesmatter.

As I sit at home in the beautiful Caribbean isle of Trinidad and Tobago, I feel as triggered as many other people around the world. I lost my job during Covid-19. That sent me into an emotional spiral that I never imagined I could experience. I cried when Kobe Bryant died. AND now, the public death of George Floyd has provoked many uncomfortable, painful, disruptive, suffocating, overwhelming, [add your own adjectives] feelings. Mostly because I am a dark-skinned young woman who can identify with the outrage of my brothers and sisters all over the world.

Covid-19 is trending, but it is now an underlying trend overpowered by global agitation. Agitation triggered by an unfair, undeserved, extreme consequence bestowed upon a human being. I know this feeling on a deeper level. My father was murdered. It was a robbery and the justice system failed us too. So, it’s safe to say that this spreading situation resonates with me in multiple life-shattering dimensions.

I have to confess, I don’t care for perfect grammar for this post. I am leaving some of my sentences undone because my thoughts become interrupted every time I measure what I want to write against what I should write.
I am angry.

Truthfully, every time something happens in the United States, the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago brace for a spillover. We handled Covid-19 here. We handled it very well. Crime, on the other hand, not so much. But this, this is something else. This is raising a different kind of awareness; an empowering awareness.


Still, I’ve been able to derive one common, underlying, message from all of 2020’s events – education is key. Yes. Education. Is. Key!

Education is necessary to move beyond mental comfort zones. It is crucial in order to navigate through the obvious dynamical impact of globalisation and technological advancement of your present and future.
You need to make holistic education a priority.

Read between the lines.
Become media literate.
Learn empathy.
Learn to listen.
Learn to Shut Up!
Learn to ask the right questions.
Learn to seek the right answers.
Learn to pivot into cognitive dissonance, because everything just may keep disrupting your peace of mind.
Learn to be informed, even if it makes you angry and opposes everything you ever believed was rational and logical.
Learn empathy.
Research history, not only in the common places but also in the unpopular spaces.
Investigate unanimous messages (media reports) because sometimes the unity is a cover-up or a distraction.

Most importantly, learn that “The right knowledge corrects the wrong behaviour” – Anonymous. Because sometimes we live by other people’s values and for other’s approvals. What do YOU believe in? What are YOUR core values? What will YOU stand for?

Make education a lifestyle. In business. In health. The environment. In spirituality. Mentally. Just dig deeper than what you know. Do more with what you know. Encourage awkward conversations about matters that you feel strongly about. You learn most when your principles are challenged.

Education is key. It is also a saviour.

My name is Alette Liz Williams. I am a beautiful Afro-Trinidadian young woman.

I have no more words. Whether you agree or not with what I’ve written (as disconnected from all of my other blogs are), I would appreciate hearing your honest thoughts about it.

With emotional pain,
The Graduate Guru

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